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What Is Wage Earner’s Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy shares some traits in common with Chapter 7, but is generally for people who make too much money to qualify. A means test dictates which people can file for Chapter 7 and which must look for a different option. One of the most common alternatives is filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief, also known as a wage earner’s plan. Chapter 13 can help you protect vital assets while creating a way out of your debt situation. A properly crafted plan can put you back on solid financial footing.

At Byman & Associates PLLC, our skilled bankruptcy attorneys have substantial experience helping clients find ways out from under unworkable debt. We represent clients throughout the Pearland area in Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings, as well as other debt relief options. We can help you.

Creating A Payment Plan

The goal of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is to reach an agreement on a repayment plan. These plans spread out the repayment of debt over three to five years, at the end of which some of your debt may be discharged. People who file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be able to stop foreclosure actions on their homes and cure the delinquent debt they have accumulated.

There are many requirements you must meet to file a successful petition for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The process can be confusing. The penalty for mistakes is high. The help of an experienced and dedicated bankruptcy lawyer is important to get the most out of the process. Getting approval for a plan that truly gives you an opportunity to get back in control of your financial life takes effort. That effort will be well worth it when you have put an end to harassment from creditors and can see a clear way forward to a better future.

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