What To Expect From The Bankruptcy Process
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The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process Is Simpler Than You Might Think

Anything that we haven’t experienced can seem scarier than it really is. This is true for bankruptcy as well. Sometimes, people avoid filing for bankruptcy just because they can’t picture the process, so it seems intimidating.

We can help. At Byman & Associates PLLC in Pearland, Texas, we can walk you through the bankruptcy process. Our attorneys are experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate, and we are dedicated to helping our clients obtain debt relief through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We have decades of experience helping people just like you through every step of the bankruptcy process.

Step By Step

The basic process of filing for bankruptcy with the help of one of our attorneys is as follows:

  • Initial consultation: The first thing you should do is meet with an attorney from our firm. We can look at your financial situation and discuss the various options available to you.
  • Mandatory credit counseling: If you decide to go forward with a Chapter 7, the federal government requires a credit counseling session. We can help you get in with an approved credit counselor.
  • Filing: At this point, you will need to file your bankruptcy petition and submit all the required financial documentation. Our lawyers have been through the process, and we have decades of combined experience in this. We will explain everything and help you get the paperwork you need.
  • Meetings: There will be a couple of meetings – with the court-appointed trustee and the creditors. One of our lawyers will be with you throughout these meetings to make sure your interests are protected.
  • Debt discharge: Once all the paperwork goes through and the court approves your petition, your debt will be discharged and you will begin your new life of financial freedom.

It really is that simple. Most cases take six months or less from filing to discharge, especially when the filers are assisted by an experienced legal team.

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