3 common reasons why people file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2023 | Chapter 7

In today’s uncertain economic climate, many individuals and businesses face financial challenges that can lead to overwhelming debt. When all other options have been exhausted, one option that individuals may consider is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a legal process that allows individuals to discharge their eligible, unsecured debts and obtain a fresh start financially. These are a few of the common reasons why people file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Excessive credit card debt

One of the leading challenges that inspires individuals to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is excessive credit card debt. In today’s consumer-driven society, it’s easy to accumulate high balances on multiple credit cards.

Unforeseen circumstances such as medical emergencies, job loss or a decreased income can make it difficult for individuals to make credit card payments. Over time, accumulated debt becomes unmanageable, leading to financial distress. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help to alleviate the burden of overwhelming credit card debt and provide a fresh start.

Unemployment or loss of income

Another common reason that people file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is unemployment or a significant loss of income. Losing a job or experiencing a reduction in income can create a domino effect, making it challenging to keep up with monthly expenses and debt obligations. Individuals may struggle to pay their bills without a steady income, resulting in mounting debt and potential financial ruin. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can offer relief by eliminating or reducing debt and allowing individuals to start anew.

Medical expenses

Medical expenses can be a major financial burden, especially when individuals do not have adequate health insurance coverage. Unexpected medical emergencies or chronic health conditions can lead to substantial medical bills that quickly accumulate. Many individuals find themselves drowning in medical debt, which can severely impact their overall financial stability. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help to provide a solution by discharging medical debt and enabling individuals to regain control over their finances.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a significant decision individuals can make when faced with insurmountable debt. The common reasons discussed above shed light on the various circumstances that can lead to financial distress.